Pre Matnimonial

Pre Matnimonial

Domestic Investigations

Private Detectives Agencies offer best pre matrimonial investigation services. Matrimonial Investigations are an important contract in modern day life. It can change the whole course of your life.

In a typical pre-marital verification, the first step is to recognize the considered groom/bride discreetly. Usually, this step is applied to check if some hidden past remained ignored or unknown in the public domain. There are certain cases where a person hides this characteristic from the general public. This private feature may be of alternate sexuality, affairs or drug enslavement, etc. After completing the discreet preliminary inquiry, sources are developed in the neighborhood and workplace of the concerned subject. After developing sources (can be drivers, maids, caretakers, neighbors, colleagues, merchants, etc.), the inquiries are conducted between six to nine days. We at Kanoon – e also verify the social media behavior and behavior on social media. It is imperative as people behave in a very different manner on social media than in real life. Our team of special prosecutors has trained social media specialists who search for every trace left in the online atmosphere.

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